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Buttock Lift Surgery

Liposuction in GlasgowButtock lift surgery is by far now one of the most popular procedures we carry out. The focus in the media has had a big influence on this. Buttock lift surgery is a procedure which is very popular with women where there is a significant amount of variation in size and shape which have a variable effect on body proportion and its beauty.


Buttock lift surgery – why is it so popular and is it for me?

There are many different opinions as to the perfect size, shape and level of buttocks it is a matter of personal preference which can be influenced by numerous things from race or geographical location to famous celebrities. From Jenifer Lopez to Kylie or the Kardashans it is impossible to set up a globally acceptable criterion for ‘Bootylicious’ beautiful buttocks. Buttock lift surgery can give you that perfect body shape, whatever that may be, whether you are of a certain age and find maintaining that perfect look needs some help as you have lost some body tone and will continue to sag southwards or obesity and massive weight loss which has had an adverse effect on your body/buttocks proportion. Commonly known phrases such as love handles or saddle bags will distort the shape of the buttocks. This will make the buttocks appear ‘pseudo square’ rather than the desirable rounded shape. No matter what you feel is perfect for you there are now many solutions like; Liposuction into flanks, Buttock Augmentation, Fat Grafting, Buttock Enhancement. Buttock lift surgery – is designed to remove redundant excess skin and lift the buttocks. This is quite a common procedure when there is sagging of buttocks following massive weight loss or because of ageing.

Buttock lift surgery – the consultation

The buttock surgery lift consultation is pretty extensive; we will discuss your concerns regarding buttock aesthetics. The examination consists of measurement, photographs, followed by detailed discussions of the options that are open to you. This may be liposuction into flanks, buttock augmentation or buttock enhancement so to find out what buttock lift surgery is best for you, call your nearest clinic today, find them by typing your town/city into the search bar, your local clinic results will appear.

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